We Made It (Good Riddance 2020)

I know I am tempting fate, or whomever, is in charge of 2020, but with a few hours to go I am going to congratulate us on surviving this year.  It’s not like 2021 is going to start off a whole lot better, but at least there is a reason for some optimism.

While 2020 was definitely a challenge, there were a few highlights for me.  I didn’t do the regular type of traveling I normally do, but still snuck in trips up into the NC Mountains, out to the coast for a stay at the beach and a great Christmas week in Greenville, SC.  Plenty of good food, and we definitely got more use out of our beautiful backyard than ever before.  My little family has all managed to stay healthy and mostly happy through the year, and we welcomed a new addition when my daughter adopted a Sphinx cat at the end of the summer.  That is a hairless cat for those of you not in the know, and while he took some getting used to he is a typical asshat of a cat, so he and I get along perfectly.

I am so looking forward to returning to some sense of normalcy at some point in 2021 – eating inside a restaurant and traveling again, I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I have been on an airplane.  For someone who routinely traveled for work at least twice a month, going this long without going to the airport has just been weird.  I will be beginning to plan some trips for this year as we have a mixture of some straight up vacations and some college tours on the docket as my daughter completes her junior year of high school this spring.  If things go anywhere close to plan that means visiting – California, Colorado, NYC/Hoboken, San Antonio and Kauai – lots of planning to do and a ton of research to find the best places to eat.  I can’t wait to share both the planning process and the results throughout the year. (Or at least in the second half of the year, which is when we will probably be able to start traveling again).

In the meantime I want to leave this year with a few random and very sarcastically weird thoughts that have tickled my admittedly odd funny bone and assisted in getting me through this year without running up and down the streets of my quiet neighborhood screaming.

I know the cat is not actually the Devil, but I’m pretty sure he is on Hell’s payroll

Being an arsehole is not a recognized personality disorder

Homer, what’s your least favorite country Italy or France?  No ever says Italy

Our bulldog treats heading up to the second floor of our house like he is scaling Mount Everest.  He has to set up a base camp on the landing, and generally needs to rest up to attempt to make the summit the next day.  If we had a three storey house I would have to provide him with oxygen tanks and a Sherpa.

I’m pretty sure my neighbor is a graduate of Victor’s Remedial Clown School and is a professional chicken plucker and amateur taxidermy enthusiast.

Sorry for the weirdness, but needed to get it out of my system to properly greet 2021.

The Free Range Viking

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