Awesome Things to Do in Seattle

We visited Seattle over Thanksgiving week, and it is a fabulous city with great things to do and great places to eat.  For now I’m going to share some of the things we enjoyed doing while in the area, and I will follow up with a post detailing where the places we loved to eatContinue reading “Awesome Things to Do in Seattle”

The Latest Eco News

Wanted to share three interesting articles again this week, covering topics like reusable products, design trends and adding energy to your IKEA shopping cart.   Wired’s Favorite Reusable Products (Wired) At this point it’s impossible to ignore the fact that plastic is piling up all around us.  While the problem will take a number of solutionsContinue reading “The Latest Eco News”

EcoLiving Innovation for the Home (& Yard)

It was another busy week, but I was able to still dig up some interesting articles to share, and hopefully next week I will have some more travel adventures to share.  In the meantime hopefully you will find these articles interesting and thought provoking. Counter Top, No Plumbing Needed, Dishwasher (Fast Company) Originally unveiled inContinue reading “EcoLiving Innovation for the Home (& Yard)”

Eco Living Articles of the Week

I found some time to catch up on some reading this week and wanted to share some interesting articles that I came across.  I have to take it as a good sign that I never seem to have a problem finding interesting things to share as it relates to eco-living. Staring Out with Green EnergyContinue reading “Eco Living Articles of the Week”