The February Blah’s

So not much to talk about this week, as mid-February always seems so blah.  Especially when there is no opportunity to travel or explore new areas.  Overall we were quite lucky down here as while it was damp & chilly, and no shortage of rain, we did not have to deal with the winter weather that hammered a big swath of the country.  Hard to complain about a few days of grayness, when people are digging out from snow and ice and freezing their butts off.  Watching the news was a good reminder as to one of the reasons we decided to move South from Canada.

I have seen a couple of interesting articles this week, but decided to just set down this short little blog to convey the “mehness” of the week.  The one thing I do want to bring attention to is the new local news services being provided by Axios.  I have subscribed to the Charlotte newsletter and have learned more about places of interest and things to explore in the city in the past ten days then I did in the past ten months.  It is a great mix of important local news and a spotlight on interesting happenings in the city.  I believe they are up to four different cities where they are doing local news, and if you are in one of those areas I highly recommend subscribing.  Hey, it’s free so there is not much to lose.

Now, I just need the sun to come out on a regular basis and maybe get the temperature to come up a few degrees and we will be ready to go and explore some of the latest things I have read about.  First up are the South End Rail Trail Art Walk that is up and running until March 7th and the development and hub known as Camp North End.  I will be sure to share the experience in the coming weeks.

The Free Range Viking

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