Gadgets and Carbon

I came across a great article posted by Fast Company today that I wanted to share with everyone.

You can read the article here

Basically, on top of their goal to be carbon neutral, Logitech is labeling their products with a number signifying their carbon footprint.  They are starting with their gaming products and slowly expanding to everything they offer.  While the system is not perfect yet, as there still needs to be context for the numbers, and ideally more companies participating, it is a great first step and incredibly smart on their part.

As a consumer, I know that the more information I have on the product, brand and company that is asking for my money the more likely I am not only to buy, but to become a loyal consumer.  Brands that are transparent and consistent in their messaging are going to win every time.

It’s also a great reminder for us, the consumer, of some of the “hidden” costs that are associated with all of the gadgets that we collect.  I know I have a huge affinity for gadgets, and appreciate being able to take this new carbon number into the equation as to whether or not I should make a purchase.

I plan on sharing all of these new little initiatives that allow us to make smarter choices and more clearly understand the impact of how and where we spend our money.  Politics is one thing, but how we vote with our wallet is truly how we can change the world.

Also, I cannot recommend Fast Company enough, as I have enjoyed the magazine for years and have discovered so many interesting companies, products and people as a result.  This will be far from the last time you will see me reference them in a post.

Anyway, let me know what you think of Logitech’s move and what other types of products could benefit from a similar labeling style.

The Free Range Viking

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