Amazon Photos Can Be Cruel

For the last week and a half Amazon and Google Photos have served up a constant daily reminder of the last three years of our travels during late June and early July.  While it is always fun to review the pictures and spur some memories, it does drill home the current situation of travel just not being an option.  While there are far bigger concerns in the world right now, it did provide a reminder of how much we love to travel and how important it is to us.

Traveling provides a chance to step outside of our normal lives and take a break from the normal daily pressures.  I know from a work perspective, getting a regular opportunity to unplug allows me to recharge my batteries and come back fresh and generally in a much better mindset than when I left.  Problems and challenges that were exhausting suddenly seem invigorating with a change in perspective and I find I have new energy to bring to the everyday tasks that fill my schedule.  

Travel for us is also a means of experiencing new cultures and new ways of living as we strive to do new things and push our comfort levels to some extent.  So much of what I have learned and try to bring to my team at work are things that I picked up from seeing different parts of the world and viewing how things can be done differently.  It’s always important to be reminded of how big the world is and to get a refresher on the fact that it does not revolve around us or the specific area that you live in.  I miss that more than anything, and I worry about the world becoming even more insular and narrowly focused as we don’t have the ability right now to travel as we would like.  That is certainly not as large of a problem, as the current health crisis or the accompanying economic crisis, but I do feel we are less when we don’t get to experience how others in this world live and view the world.

Plus, a lot of the pictures involved amazing places we were able to eat and a record of the miles that we walked in each place.  Again, small problems, but I do miss being able to see the world in this specific time and place.

Let me know what you miss most with the current situation, and what you are most looking forward to getting back to when things get back to “normal”.

The Free Range Viking

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