Summer Adventure

After complaining about missing the ability to travel in my last post, we pulled together a quick trip up into the mountains here in North Carolina for this week.  It has been a fabulous week of hiking some great trails and playing in a lot of waterfalls.  It was a much needed break from being in our own house along with a nice mental break from the daily stresses of work.  Plus, nothing recharges my batteries more than getting to spend some extended time out in nature.

We have done everything thing from some nice, short easy trails around some waterfalls, to hardcore hikes up mountains that put us up above the clouds.  If you are interested, check out my Instagram page for some great pictures of this week’s adventures.  I will post in more detail after we return home this weekend, as we have one adventure left tomorrow.  I will also share all of the details of my search for the elusive Pygmy Yeti of the Appalachians – it’s a solid laugh, but you will have to wait a bit for the full story.

We also enjoyed some great food, and a couple of times now have actually enjoyed a nice meal at an actual restaurant on their socially distanced patios.  I can’t believe how such a simple thing could add a sense of “normalcy” to what is going on right now.  I’m still not ready to partake of a meal inside a restaurant yet, but well conceived patios are a beautiful respite.

I will leave you with a quick clip of what I have enjoyed all week in the hopes that it will awaken your own thirst for adventure, in whatever form that takes.

The Free Range Viking

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