Moving My Office to the Ballpark

Before Christmas I wrote about the light up the ballpark and Christmas Village that they put on at Truist Park here in Charlotte.  Well, I think I might like their next big event/promotion even better.  As you can see from the link here, they are now offering to rent out the luxury suites at the ballpark for use as offices for the day.

This is just such a fun idea, as for many of us who are used to being out and about in the world, the last 11 months have been a long slog at home.  I know that I am still one of the very fortunate ones whose job enables him to work remotely and thankfully my company had a very strong year last year, but I do have to admit to going a little house crazy.  Prior to Covid, I would generally travel for a couple of days every two weeks, giving everyone in the house a little time apart and ensuring we all appreciated the time we got to spend together.  I think in fairness, in our house the dogs have had the worst of the outcomes, as they get away with a whole lot more when I am not home as my wife is a way softer touch with them.  They have not been able to sleep in our bed for this entire time, and I know that when I’m gone they are quite happy to cuddle up on the bed with my wife.  I know this, as I have definitely been getting the side-eye from both of them that is clearly communicating, “Don’t you have to go away soon?”

Anyway, back to the ballpark, the idea of spending the work day overlooking the field and enjoying the amenities of a luxury suite sounds like a great deal.  I just wish I lived a little closer to the ballpark to make it a bit easier, but I am certainly looking into whether I can make it work or not.  My hope is that the idea will catch on, and they might do something similar when things get back to normal and at least you could work from the office while watching the team practice and warm-up on game days.

I also came across this fun article in Fast Company about the Finnish city of Lahti.  The city is planning on launching a bike sharing program this summer, but in the meantime are experimenting with a public ski-sharing program that would be the first of its kind in the world.  The city has laid out urban ski trails on a number of sidewalks, and residents can pick up a pair of skis from the sharing stations in order to run errands or get exercise and then return them when they are done.  The program is temporary, but will hopefully catch on, and it does highlight a city that has set a goal of being carbon neutral by 2025.  You can read the full article here.  I have only been to Finland once, a great four days in Helsinki, but this strikes me as an incredibly Finnish idea.

That’s if for this week,

The Free Range Viking

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