Awesome Things to Do in Seattle

We visited Seattle over Thanksgiving week, and it is a fabulous city with great things to do and great places to eat.  For now I’m going to share some of the things we enjoyed doing while in the area, and I will follow up with a post detailing where the places we loved to eatContinue reading “Awesome Things to Do in Seattle”

Best Places to Eat in San Diego

My first full trip post-lockdown was a great week in San Diego back in July.  Now, San Diego may be my favorite place in the U.S., (or at least in the continental US as my heart definitely lives on Maui), and I have been lucky to have visited the city a number of times inContinue reading “Best Places to Eat in San Diego”

Mini Spring Break in the Mountains

We were once again lucky enough to have been able to escape from our house for a quick trip up to the NC mountains for a socially-distanced, pandemic friendly long weekend.  My daughter’s spring break, coupled with a growing need for fresh air, with inspired us to head up to Asheville for a few daysContinue reading “Mini Spring Break in the Mountains”

Moving My Office to the Ballpark

Before Christmas I wrote about the light up the ballpark and Christmas Village that they put on at Truist Park here in Charlotte.  Well, I think I might like their next big event/promotion even better.  As you can see from the link here, they are now offering to rent out the luxury suites at theContinue reading “Moving My Office to the Ballpark”

Trip Planning The Viking Way – Part 3

I promise this is the final stage of planning, as I know I have dragged this out over three different blog posts at this point.  Hopefully you have been enjoying the process so far. Now that you have figured out what you want to do and where you would like to eat, it’s time toContinue reading “Trip Planning The Viking Way – Part 3”