Great Places to Eat in Seattle

My last post, which was way too long ago, detailed the great things we found to do in Seattle when we visited over Thanksgiving.  Today, I want to focus on the fantastic places we found to eat in the great city.  While definitely not an exhaustive list, as we were only there for a week, these are places you will not be disappointed to visit.

Belltown Pizza

It certainly did not hurt that they were located just outside the door of the condo we rented, but aside from the convenience the food was great.  The atmosphere was definitely more “divey” sports bar, but it was a great little place to grab a bite.  The overall winner was probably the caesar salad, which was the perfect mixture of garlic and tanginess.  The slices of pizza were solid, and the calzone was absolutely amazing.  Definitely worth a stop if you are in the Belltown area.

Marcrina Bakery

Located on the other side of the entrance door to our condo, this was our go to breakfast most mornings, and a couple of afternoon snacks as well.  The beautiful aroma each morning was enough to pull you in, but every choice was great and over the course of a week we did a pretty good job of working through the menu.  If you like to start the day with some pastry this is a must visit.

Thai On 1

This was our pre-game meal before heading to the hockey game, and offered a great choice of appetizers and thai dishes.  We focused on sharing a handful of appetizers as we knew we wanted to sample some of the food at the arena, but if we had more time we certainly would have returned for dinner.  The spring rolls were awesome and the atmosphere was great.

Shinya Shokudo

Another great find in Belltown, and they were open for Thanksgiving dinner.  There is always something fun about being handed an Ipad and simply ordering small plate after small plate, until you are no longer sure if you will be able to stand up at the end of the meal.  If you like skewers and/or yakitori then this is the place for you.  Food was beautiful and delicious and the interior had a great vibe.  There is just something about eating a nice variety of food while watching the rain come down outside and remembering how much you don’t really like turkey anyway.

Karaage Setsuna

If fried chicken is your jam, then this is a must visit place in Seattle.  With a Hawaiian vibe, it definitely brought back memories of some great eats I have had on Maui.  If you like crispy fried chicken then Karaage cannot be beaten.  Not only is it super crispy, but because they use dark meat the flavor is off the charts.  Go hungry and worry about the calories later – just walk around Seattle for the day and you will be fine.  I cannot say it enough times – if you are in Seattle search this place out.

Queen Anne Beer Hall

We hit this German style beer hall up multiple times during our week in Seattle.  A great combination of TV’s for watching football along with a DJ or live music makes for an unbeatable ambience, and the food was just WOW.  From nailing the basic staples like buffalo wings, caesar salad and an amazing burger, to the more unexpected like a pretzel bigger than your head and salt & vinegar calamari.  If you like calamari you have to try the salt & vinegar option as it was the perfect mixture of flavors.  Go with a group of your own, or thanks to the long communal tables quickly get absorbed into a new group.  Another must try when you are in Seattle.

Noi Thai

Thai food is a favorite of ours so we always go out of our way to try a few different places when we are in a new place.  This was definitely a little more upscale than the other places we hit, but still very approachable.  The outdoor patio was beautiful, but it is worth eating inside as the decor and ambiance will help transport you to a place where you are ready to push your palate a bit further than normal.  A big and varied menu provided something new for everyone to try and it was all amazing, but the standout was the Angry Ocean.  Fun to say, and if you like seafood definitely the way to go.  There was some sharing at first, but then it became a very well guarded dish on the table.

Proper Fish

You should make the trip out to Bainbridge Island for a bunch of reasons, but it’s more than okay if one of those reasons is to visit Proper Fish.  If you are looking for true English style Fish & Chips then this is the place to hit.  Especially when you get to sit beside a photo mural of Big Ben and Parliament.  (Look kids, Big Ben – Parliament).  It’s kind of tucked away around the corner from the main street but you won’t be sorry if you go exploring to find it.  Perfect mixture of crispy batter, flaky fish and saltiness – plus, pretty traditional chips.

Three Girls Bakery

Located within the confines of the Pike Place Market district, not only did they have great baked goods – I believe we tried an assortment of cookies, brownies, cinnamon rolls and chocolate croissants over the week, but they also made sandwiches on their freshly baked breads.  Great place to grab a quick lunch or mid-afternoon snack as you explore the city.

Jack’s Fish Spot

Located right across from Three Girls Bakery, you can see the fresh fish laid out that you can buy to take home, or you can just order one of their fish and chip plates.  I couldn’t resist the Halibut and it was perfect.  Again, a great place for a quick lunch or mid-afternoon snack.  But, you could say that about everything in and around the Pike Place Market.

General Porpoise Donuts

A small chain with locations spread through the city, I will admit that it was the name that brought me to their door.  With a small selection of donuts available, choosing is a bit easier, but you will still want to share with a friend or two so you can try most of what they have to offer.  I’m generally not a filled donut aficionado, but these were on a level all their own.  I might now be a convert when it comes to topped vs filled donuts.

Shug’s Soda Fountain

Even during the relative coolness of Thanksgiving week we just had to give the place a try.  A great assortment of ice cream that you can choose from, and you can have any flavor you like transformed into a milkshake or a malted.  The perfect after dinner snack, since it involved about a mile and a half walk to get there and back if you take the scenic route.  Just felt like the added mileage was needed to help earn the milkshake.

Great State Burger

A local burger chain, with a location right down on the downtown waterfront.  A great basic flat top burger.  Always a favorite of mine, with just some raw onions and some nice fries as a side.  Nothing fancy, but when you just want a great basic burger then this is the spot to hit.

If you find yourself in Seattle, all of these are places that will deliver a great meal, and I’m sure there are far more places that we didn’t have a chance to visit on this trip.  Just means I have to find time to make my way back to Seattle to explore some more.

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