Best Places to Eat in San Diego

My first full trip post-lockdown was a great week in San Diego back in July.  Now, San Diego may be my favorite place in the U.S., (or at least in the continental US as my heart definitely lives on Maui), and I have been lucky to have visited the city a number of times inContinue reading “Best Places to Eat in San Diego”

Exploring Charlotte – Part Two

I had the opportunity to explore a pair of new areas around Charlotte a couple of weekends ago before the heat wave had truly settled in.  It was a beautiful, sunny and warm day, but thankfully it wasn’t yet hitting the high 90’s with massive humidity that we have been living with lately.  Both areasContinue reading “Exploring Charlotte – Part Two”

Re-Exploring Charlotte – Weekend #1

Now that we are feeling confident about getting back out into the world, we are going to be re-exploring Charlotte on various weekends throughout the summer.  Just a chance to get reacquainted with some favorite spots, and hopefully find some new and interesting things.  We decided to start with the South End area, as it’sContinue reading “Re-Exploring Charlotte – Weekend #1”

Slow and Weird Return to “Normalcy”

It feels amazing to begin returning to some of life’s normal activities that have been missing for the past 15 months or so, but it also continues to feel incredibly odd, and more than a little uncomfortable at times.  Whether it’s walking through the grocery store without a mask on (thank you vaccination), or gettingContinue reading “Slow and Weird Return to “Normalcy””

Mini Spring Break in the Mountains

We were once again lucky enough to have been able to escape from our house for a quick trip up to the NC mountains for a socially-distanced, pandemic friendly long weekend.  My daughter’s spring break, coupled with a growing need for fresh air, with inspired us to head up to Asheville for a few daysContinue reading “Mini Spring Break in the Mountains”