The Latest Eco News

Wanted to share three interesting articles again this week, covering topics like reusable products, design trends and adding energy to your IKEA shopping cart.   Wired’s Favorite Reusable Products (Wired) At this point it’s impossible to ignore the fact that plastic is piling up all around us.  While the problem will take a number of solutionsContinue reading “The Latest Eco News”

EcoLiving Innovation for the Home (& Yard)

It was another busy week, but I was able to still dig up some interesting articles to share, and hopefully next week I will have some more travel adventures to share.  In the meantime hopefully you will find these articles interesting and thought provoking. Counter Top, No Plumbing Needed, Dishwasher (Fast Company) Originally unveiled inContinue reading “EcoLiving Innovation for the Home (& Yard)”

Eco Living Articles of the Week

I found some time to catch up on some reading this week and wanted to share some interesting articles that I came across.  I have to take it as a good sign that I never seem to have a problem finding interesting things to share as it relates to eco-living. Staring Out with Green EnergyContinue reading “Eco Living Articles of the Week”

Wooden Soccer & Climate Friendly AC Units

Here are three articles I have come across in the past few weeks that I thought were of interest. Wooden Stadium (California News Times) The Forest Green Rovers, a club that plays in EFL League Two, plan to build the world’s first modern football stadium almost entirely using timber.  The Gloucestershire stadium is expected toContinue reading “Wooden Soccer & Climate Friendly AC Units”

Eco Living Tidbits of the Week

As usual, here are three interesting articles I found that I wanted to share in regards to news and information on ecoliving. Road Signs for the 21st Century (Fast Company) Fast Company asked design firm NewDealDesign to imagine how those blue gas station signs might change as electric vehicles begin to take over the highways. Continue reading “Eco Living Tidbits of the Week”

Sustainable Homes, Outdoor Oases and Artificial Photosynthesis

It’s that time of the week again, time to share a handful of articles dedicated to some aspect of eco-living that have come across my desk lately.  Hopefully, you find these as insightful as I do, as I find reading them does lend some more optimism to my outlook.   Turning CO2 into a Replacement forContinue reading “Sustainable Homes, Outdoor Oases and Artificial Photosynthesis”

Micro Farms, Wooden Neighborhoods and Cargo Bikes – New Ideas in Eco Living

Faelledby – A Car Free Danish Neighborhood Just outside of the city center in Copenhagen a development is planned that will create 2,000 homes in a new environmentally friendly neighborhood made entirely of timber.  With an expected 7,000 residents it has been designed to show how people can live alongside nature, even in a city,Continue reading “Micro Farms, Wooden Neighborhoods and Cargo Bikes – New Ideas in Eco Living”

Now For Some Sporting Related News

I was able to get my second dose of the Covid vaccine this past week, which means I am counting down the last two weeks before achieving “freedom”.  I still haven’t decided which restaurant I want to hit first that I have been missing for this past year +, but I was able to moveContinue reading “Now For Some Sporting Related News”

More Scandinavian Innovation – Hey, it’s a Viking based blog, what did you expect?

You have to love Spring weather here in the Carolinas.  Where else can you go from a completely nasty wind chill one day that has you reaching for that sweater you were contemplating putting away for the season, to within a couple of days of needing to run the A/C in your car as youContinue reading “More Scandinavian Innovation – Hey, it’s a Viking based blog, what did you expect?”