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Wanted to share three interesting articles again this week, covering topics like reusable products, design trends and adding energy to your IKEA shopping cart.  

Wired’s Favorite Reusable Products (Wired)

At this point it’s impossible to ignore the fact that plastic is piling up all around us.  While the problem will take a number of solutions working in concert to conquer, one thing we can do is switch to reusable products where possible versus the disposable items that surround us.  Wired put together a list of great renewable products that you can view here.  (The reusable “paper” towels are on my list now).  Even little changes in our day to day can help drive real improvements.

2021 Sustainable Design Trends (Florida News Time)

This is an interesting article that breaks down some eco-driven design trends for 2021.  Trends that are being helped along by continued remote work and increased time being spent at home.  Some of the key trends:

Focus on Green – incorporating more plants, think interior gardens

Saving Energy – energy efficient appliances

Environmentally Friendly Materials – with a focus on fair trade materials

Technology – leaning into Smart homes and incorporating the tech right into the design

You can read the full article here.

IKEA Continues to Innovate (Fast Company)

The world’s biggest furniture brand is branching out into selling renewable energy, starting in their home country of Sweden.  As they move to a carbon-neutral future, they will provide affordable renewable electricity from solar and wind parks.  You can read the full article here.

The energy that households use to power IKEA products accounts for more than 20% of the company’s total climate footprint.  They have already been working on making those products more energy efficient, but by also selling renewable energy they can more aggressively pursue their goal of being carbon-neutral by 2030.  Plus, it creates a whole new revenue stream for them.  IKEA has certainly been on a roll, willing to rethink their business models and charting a course of corporate leadership as they move forward.

That’s all for this week.  

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