The Appalachian Pygmy Yeti

Whenever we go on a family vacation there always seems to be some kind of weird narrative that develops.  Or it could just be that my mind works a little oddly and I take a very small incident and blow it up into a full scale story as a background for whatever our latest adventureContinue reading “The Appalachian Pygmy Yeti”

Baseball and Swim Trunks – What Could be Better

When I went down to Atlanta to see the Toronto Blue Jays play the Braves last year on Labor Day, I was incredibly impressed with the development around their beautiful new ballpark.  I have definitely been jogging my memory as I sit here on the couch watching the Jays and Braves play tonight. (It’s 1-0Continue reading “Baseball and Swim Trunks – What Could be Better”

Sports, more sports, and underwater airplanes

So we have gone from having almost nothing to watch and follow in regards to major league sports, to almost full saturation within a week’s time.  Baseball has drawn record viewers even as it struggles with positive test results that may put the very young season in jeopardy.  My irritation has been more with theContinue reading “Sports, more sports, and underwater airplanes”

Baseball is Back (and other tidbits of the week)

While there are far more important things in the world to be addressed then major league sports, I cannot lie and say that I was not excited for the return of the MLB this week.  Anything that helps to restore some small semblance of normalcy right now is more than welcome.  Plus, talking baseball orContinue reading “Baseball is Back (and other tidbits of the week)”

Eating Responsibly Well – Or Damn, That Just Tastes Better

As you will come to see from what will be many posts on the subject, I’m a big fan of food.  I tend to plan my vacations around places I want to eat, can wax poetic for hours on some of the greatest things I have had the privilege of eating both at home andContinue reading “Eating Responsibly Well – Or Damn, That Just Tastes Better”