Bringing Thanksgiving Travel Home

So normally we travel somewhere fun for Thanksgiving, as being Canadian we don’t have a lot of family obligations during this time of the year.  Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October – hey, it’s a lot colder up there and you have to bring the harvest in earlier.  We have been lucky in that my wifeContinue reading “Bringing Thanksgiving Travel Home”

A Little Adventure in Hickory

A couple of weekends ago we were able to enjoy a small grasp of sanity and normalcy, as we took advantage of a rare 85 degree late October Saturday.  We enjoyed a scenic drive up and around Charlotte and up towards Hickory, NC.  The goal was just to enjoy a little bit of foliage viewing,Continue reading “A Little Adventure in Hickory”

The Appalachian Pygmy Yeti

Whenever we go on a family vacation there always seems to be some kind of weird narrative that develops.  Or it could just be that my mind works a little oddly and I take a very small incident and blow it up into a full scale story as a background for whatever our latest adventureContinue reading “The Appalachian Pygmy Yeti”