Slow and Weird Return to “Normalcy”

It feels amazing to begin returning to some of life’s normal activities that have been missing for the past 15 months or so, but it also continues to feel incredibly odd, and more than a little uncomfortable at times.  Whether it’s walking through the grocery store without a mask on (thank you vaccination), or gettingContinue reading “Slow and Weird Return to “Normalcy””

Now For Some Sporting Related News

I was able to get my second dose of the Covid vaccine this past week, which means I am counting down the last two weeks before achieving “freedom”.  I still haven’t decided which restaurant I want to hit first that I have been missing for this past year +, but I was able to moveContinue reading “Now For Some Sporting Related News”

Mini Spring Break in the Mountains

We were once again lucky enough to have been able to escape from our house for a quick trip up to the NC mountains for a socially-distanced, pandemic friendly long weekend.  My daughter’s spring break, coupled with a growing need for fresh air, with inspired us to head up to Asheville for a few daysContinue reading “Mini Spring Break in the Mountains”

More Scandinavian Innovation – Hey, it’s a Viking based blog, what did you expect?

You have to love Spring weather here in the Carolinas.  Where else can you go from a completely nasty wind chill one day that has you reaching for that sweater you were contemplating putting away for the season, to within a couple of days of needing to run the A/C in your car as youContinue reading “More Scandinavian Innovation – Hey, it’s a Viking based blog, what did you expect?”

Signs of Spring (and hopefully optimism)

To say it’s been a long winter is an understatement, even here in the Carolinas where we were lucky enough to avoid any real winter weather this year.  However, in the last couple of weeks we have seen the gradual rise in temperatures that signify Spring is here, along with a whole mess of rain. Continue reading “Signs of Spring (and hopefully optimism)”

Danish Innovations

So, it’s been a long rainy and very damp week down here in the Carolinas.  I’m not sure who declared that February was going to be winter month, but Mother Nature is certainly delivering.  Still way better than the snow and ice that is hitting most of the country, but it would be nice toContinue reading “Danish Innovations”