Trip Planning the Viking Way – Part Two

Still not a how to guide on invading England. Okay, so we have talked about my theories on airlines and lodging options so let’s move on to more of the good stuff when it comes to planning a trip.  As I mentioned last time we are planning on heading to Los Angeles to tour someContinue reading “Trip Planning the Viking Way – Part Two”

Christmas in Greenville

Christmas in Greenville For the last six years we have enjoyed a holiday tradition of traveling for Christmas rather than exchanging gifts.  We have been able to spend Christmas in great places like Edinburgh, Maui (a couple of times), Hilton Head Island and even Disney World (Our daughter had just turned 10).  Obviously this yearContinue reading “Christmas in Greenville”

Scandinavian Sustainability

The Norwegian city of Oslo has set an ambitious goal to cut their total emissions by 95% by 2030 according to this great article in Fast Company. They are “attacking” all of the various elements that result in emissions as they work towards meeting their goals.  Oslo does have a bit of a headstart inContinue reading “Scandinavian Sustainability”

Going A Little Stir Crazy – Food Wall of Fame Phase I

I would never have believed that I would find myself missing work travel, but after almost six months it is starting to kick in.  I am lucky that I normally work from home when I’m not traveling, so at least I was fully set up and ready to go when the pandemic started.  Plus, bothContinue reading “Going A Little Stir Crazy – Food Wall of Fame Phase I”